Risk Mitigation

Unplanned downtime in your business is simply not an option.

What is the largest and smallest risk your incident or spill management team (IMT or SMT) faces? What is your Spill Impact Mitigation Analysis (SIMA)? How would your organization be able to quantify your risk? What is the implication to your business if you can’t provide these answers?

The CTEH RM®  team partners with executives, risk managers, and IMT or SMT leaders to develop plans and an all encompassing program that professionals in the field will follow and understand.  Our experts have just about seen it all – from international terrorist attacks, to storage tank floods, to refinery fires and explosions. We give you a solid risk profile because we have the ability to create rigorous risk assessments, analyze the numbers, and compare them to industry-specific normal statistics.

Based on your company's risk tolerance of risk evaluation, the CTEH RM team supports a continuous preparedness model of planning, training, exercising, and responding that minimizes your impact and downtime. We provide critical crisis management services, including:

  • Risk and gap analysis
  • Risk profiling
  • Planning, training, designing and conducting exercises

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